Freezer Meal Monthly Membership

Does making a dinner menu stress you out? Not to mention you actually have to cook it...Are you frequenting fast food restaurants way too often? 

Get time back in the evenings, relieve yourself of unneeded stress, and eat healthy. The Freezer Meal Monthly Membership is the perfect solution to a busy life. 

Freezer Meal Monthly Membership-

Each month you will receive: 

  • 7 New Healthy Dinner Recipes
  • 1 Healthy Snack Recipe
  • Easy-to-Follow Grocery List
  • Nutritional Information for all recipes 
  • Instructions on putting the recipes together and cooking them
  • Suggested healthy sides for each meal
  • For Locals Only: Discounted price on a local freezer meal workshop
  • Price: $30 a month

Stop worrying about what you are going to cook, and never run out of time to make dinner again...which we know always resorts to frozen pizza. With the Freezer Meal Monthly Membership, all you need to do is spend 1-2 hours meal prepping, then on the day you cook the meal, throw it in the crock pot and it's done by dinnertime! 

Plus, rest assured knowing you are feeding your family healthy, sustainable meals! 

*All meals are Sugar Free. Any starches will be things you choose to add to the meals. 

Click HERE to view sample menus