Why I decided to give up sugar...

In 2015 I decided to challenge myself to give up sugar. I had been reading the book The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin, and was very intrigued. I realized that sugar really had zero nutritional value, and was causing a lot of issues in our bodies. So I decided to see if I could give it up for an entire year. 

Mainly this was just a health challenge for myself, but there was some meaning behind it as well. Since I had just become a mom in April 2014, this was right around the time that my son started eating real food. I knew that I wanted to create a different lifestyle for my son. 

You see, I grew up on microwavable pizzas, easy mac, and Little Debbie snacks. I didn't want my son to grow up on those kinds of foods. From 6-months old I fed him whole, real foods, and aimed to do that as much as possible. Plus I had researched and learned a lot of behavioral disorders in children can be linked back to sugar and what they are being fed. 

I decided it was up to me as his parent to control my child's diets. Exposure equals preference, and since I am the one buying the groceries, and cooking the meals, the responsibility to raise a healthy humans falls on me. 

1/3 of children ages 6-19 in the United States are Obese. That's 12.5 million children. 

Dr. Pragati Gusmano, a Naturopathic Doctor from  Simple Medicine explained that...

"When you’re in a situation where you chronically have too much sugar, muscle and fat cells stop using as much of it for energy and you store it as fat. If you continue to overload your body with sugar, you’ll stop having the ability to produce insulin and this can lead to chronic health conditions like diabetes or metabolic syndrome."

I didn't realize that this would become an entire new lifestyle for me, but it did. I got pregnant again in 2015, and continued to stay sugar free throughout that pregnancy. (Even with all the crazy cravings). 

I have eliminated the sugar intake my family has and instead we choose natural sugars. We still eat fruit, use honey in our coffee, and I make some amazing recipes when we want a treat with stevia or dates as the sweetener. 

It has become so much fun to spend time in the kitchen developing new recipes and enjoying the natural sweetness that comes from real food. Not to mention the health benefits we are getting. Weight began to fall off from having my son, I stayed slim and fit even while enjoying sugar free treats and pizza at times. 

I am thankful I chose to challenge myself with this, and now I spend my life impacting the health of women, who are the catalyst for their families, so that generations can be changed. When a mom chooses to make a healthy change in her lifestyle, it usually affects everyone in the home!

Do you have extra weight that just doesn't seem to budge? Are you constantly struggling with the ups and downs of the scale? Are you lacking energy and motivation? Then giving up sugar could be a solution for you. 

In 2013 I had no kids, lived a pretty active life, but ate what I want. I never ate veggies, and indulged in sugar all the time. I avoided wearing blue jeans, because I couldn't fit into any of the ones I owned.

In 2015, I was a year past birthing my first child, and I was over 6 months into my sugar free lifestyle! Healthier, happier, and more control over my cravings! 

SUGAR has a huge affect on that stubborn weight that you just can't get rid of. Even when you are active and eating well, but still eating sugar, it can cause you to hold on to fat!

When I gave up sugar, the weight naturally fell off and stayed off! No more jumping up-and-down of the scales.  No more out of control cravings. More energy. And I looked and felt better! 

If you are tired of the extra weight, the lack of energy, and the constant "need" to eat sweets, join me for my 21 Day Sugar Free Academy!